Yarminiah helps brands create visuals that convey their core message with authenticity.



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First name pronounced   JAR-MEENI-UH

First name pronounced JAR-MEENI-UH


My life's work is to challenge myself to see beauty and purpose in the ordinary. That means using my skills in art direction, photography, videography, illustration, content creation and design to manifest projects that move inspiration forward.

My fine arts training at the Cooper Union School of Art taught me the necessity of concept driven approach to problem solving. Now, I help brands create visuals that connect with users and convey their core message.

My day feels well spent if I’ve learned something new by conversation or travel. I love analog photography, unconventionally printed books, warm weather, honest conversations, freestyle rapping and foreign films. You’ll most likely catch me dancing salsa or zoning out to jazz at a local cafe.

I am the proud co-founder and Creative Director of Purposerosa, a hand made jewelry line made with repurposed materials. 


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Brand Identity + Development
Presentation Design
Newsletter Design
Art Direction